Do you ship Internationally?
Are you taking custom orders? 
If you are interested in purchasing a custom order, please click here and message me first to get started! 

Do you accept returns or exchanges?

I do not accept any returns or exchanges because each set I make is tailored and created for an individual customer's unique sizes. However, if there are any problems with your order, please email me at gellybbynails@gmail.com with your name and order number.

If I know my nail measurements in 
millimeters can you get my sizes?
Yes, I don’t mind doing that for you, but I am not responsible for any wrong sizing. I will not replace your set(s) if you size your nails incorrectly. I provide sizing kits so you will not have any problems with sizing. I will also take your predetermined size like XS, S, M, or L if you’d rather do that and you know your size. But again if they do no fit correctly I will not replace your set(s) or replace a nail. 

I've ordered press ons from another shop and know my sizes, do I need to order the Full Package?
Well if you know what brand that shop used and if I use the same brand then yes. I don’t mind taking your sizes and making the nails, but you must know that all nail tips are not the same. And if my set is too big or small for you I will not be making your set(s) again or refunding you. 
If I've ordered a set from you in one shape before can I use the same sizes for a new shape?
No. Different nail shapes and lengths are not transferable.
Can I reuse my press on nails?
Without a doubt! You can reuse them as many times as you'd like, just file away excess glue with an e-file or buffer. I highly recommend using adhesive tabs to avoid getting glue on your nails for easy and infinite use!

How do I take care of my press on nails?
Don’t be too rough on them. Don’t recklessly dig into anything and don’t use them as tools to open things. You should also wear gloves when washing dishes or cleaning around the house to avoid trauma and excessive contact with water. 

How long will my nails last?
If you are taking good care of your nails, they could last a good 3 weeks. Be gentle with them. Good prep goes a long way. You can learn more about that here. I help my mom put on her press ons and her sets lasts 2-3 weeks.